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Irrigation in Texas is regulated
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Our Services

Have an emergency? Like the system will not ‘turn off’? Or water is running due to a broken pipe?

In most cases (not all), the water can be stopped by turning off a valve at the backflow assembly device, typically located on one side or the other of the home. Commercial locations for the backflow devices could be near the street, close to or next to the building, or hiding in landscaping. Whatever the cause of the problem, call us, we can fix it.

Rain sensor...Do you have one?

Continental Irrigation recommends that every irrigation system needs a rain-sensor. This device can keep the sprinklers from operating either during and/or after a determined amount of rainfall, saving water, (and embarrassment). If your system does not have one, please consider having one installed. A hard-wired or wireless rain-sensor can be added.

Sprinkler heads for every situation.

Is the wind carrying away your spray and watering everything except the yard? This may be due to the pressure being excessive, and causing the spray nozzle to mist. Or does the water continue to drain out after the station has stopped? Both of these situations waste water, and we have the solution!

We can also raise the sprinkler heads that do not pop up high enough to clear the grass or change spray patterns that have been affected by maturing landscape.

Need to replace or update a controller/timer?

Consider the latest technology, a ‘Smart Controller’. These “next generation controllers” are amazing, utilizing real-time weather information to determine when and how much to water.

Wanting an irrigation system installed, and/or ready to get bids?

For a fraction of the cost of a system, we can discuss the different system components, number of stations, installation practices and everything in between. Let’s get smart, so you can actually compare your bids, apples to apples, for an efficient water saving system. Don’t make a mistake with a "just water my yard" system. You are going to spend money to have pipe buried all over your yard, and once it’s in the ground, well, let’s don’t be sorry a few more dollars weren’t spent upfront.

Intimidated by your controller? Don’t be!

A tutorial type walk thru is available to become more familiar with your irrigation system. Understand the different features of your controller, and how to operate it. It is the brains of the system; learn how to tell it what to do.

Sprinkler heads working

Sprinkler head close up

Sprinkler heads working

Sprinkler heads working
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