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Irrigation in Texas is regulated
Texas Commission
on Environmental Quality
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Continental Irrigation provides backflow inspections and certification tests for residential, HOA’s, apartment complexes, and business or commercial sites. We service West Houston, including Cy-Fair, Katy, Sugar Land, and other surrounding areas.

We test FEBCO, WATTS, CONBRACO, WILKINS, or other manufacturers, on the following types of backflow assemblies:

  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)
  • Reduced Pressure Principle (RP)
  • Double Check Assembly (DCA)

We also can provide a new installation, replacement, or repair of any backflow assembly.

Have you been notified it is time to have your backflow assembly tested, or just want to know it is doing the job?

A test will certify that the backflow assembly is operating properly, is installed correctly, and of the proper type, ensuring a safe water supply for all. Tests are done with the use of a differential pressure gauge and following the widely accepted procedures set out in the University of Southern California (USC) Manual of Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention.

Call 281.389.2333 today, to certify that your backflow assembly is working properly. Let’s keep our water supply protected.

Properties with multiple backflow assemblies may qualify for special pricing. Call for a quote.

Backflow, what exactly is that?

The following is provided as general education about the role and importance of backflow protection and the need for annual testing.

Any type of connection to a public drinking water supply must be protected from any actual or potential contamination hazard, including irrigation systems. The most common backflow assembly installed for many irrigation systems in the Houston Area is a PVB, short for Pressure Vacuum Breaker. The PVB is installed so it will be ahead of, or upstream of, any valves or sprinkler heads. It will be above ground at least twelve inches above the highest head or outlet. Other types of assemblies used include a reduced pressure principle (RP), and a double-check (DC) which in many areas, including Houston, is not accepted. Each of these protect against different types of hazards.

A properly installed assembly for the irrigation system keeps the sprinkler water, which is considered a hazard, from getting back into the public drinking water. An example of possible contamination occurs when there is a loss of pressure in the public water supply. A significant pressure drop allows a reversal of the normal direction of flow of water, from unprotected and unwanted sources. If there is no properly working backflow protection, the irrigation water could be siphoned into the drinking water, contaminating it, and then into your or someone else’s home or business. Another common example of cross contamination can take place by means of aspiration. This form of vacuum is created while water is being used, or moving, and water from another unwanted source can be sucked into the water being used. In other words, if you have an unprotected irrigation system at your house, every time you turn on the water, you could also be sucking in sprinkler water. These examples show why it is imperative to have backflow protection, and that the proper location or point of installation is so important. So...what is your irrigation water contaminated with...fertilizer...weed killer...or maybe Rover’s poop? (Yuk!). Now knowing this information, we hope you can see why annual testing of a backflow assembly is strongly urged. It is simply a responsibility of protecting our water supply.

Typical Pressure Vacuum Breaker
Typical Pressure
Vacuum Breaker (PVB):
The most common and
widely accepted
backflow assembly
for irrigation systems.

Reduced Pressure Principle Device
Reduced Pressure
Principle Device (RP):
Required backflow assembly
for high hazard conditions,
such as irrigation systems
with a fertilizer and/or
chemical injection system.

Double Check Valve Assembly
Double Check
Valve Assembly (DCA):
Not an approved
backflow assembly
in many jurisdictions.

Backflow Assembly
Tester #BP0011162
Licensed by TCEQ